How to attract your ideal employees & win back your freedom with the Hiring Blueprint

Episode Show Notes: 

If I could meet each and every one of you for a face-to-face coaching session and teach you my hiring process, girl, believe me when I say: I would be there in a second with the coffee on! 

But since there are only so many hours in a day :) I did the next best thing:

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned, and coached to others, about hiring the right people and put it into an online course: The Hiring Blueprint!💃💃🙌🙌

If you’re working around the clock in your business and feeling exhausted, I made this course for you. I want you to be able to delegate some tasks off your plate & get back to working only in your strengths and giftedness!

If you’re working in a business that will crash into the ground once you leave, because you are the driving force behind every single thing that happens, I made this course for you. I want you to have freedom! Freedom to be able to step away from your business if you need to, or want to, and to know that it will still keep going without you. 

If you’re working hard and loving what you do, but barely paying yourself because you’re trying to make a go of it, I made this course for you too! As weird as it may sound, you have to hire people to do some of the “in the business things” so you can work on the business and increase your profit. 

This course is anything but the same corporate, stuffy, HR hiring process that you’ve already heard before.

You can hire the right people and get your freedom back - freedom to love your business, love your life, and have control over how you spend your time. I would be honored to support you on that journey with The Hiring Blueprint. Press play to learn more about how this course can serve you!


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>The Hiring Blueprint Online Course

> Is the Hiring Blueprint right for you? Get my FREE course outline to find out! Then, come learn alongside other purpose-driven women entrepreneurs like yourself inside my free Hiring on Purpose Facebook Group.

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