30 Minute Brainstorming Session


Support for Small Business Owners during COVID-19

It’s time for Plan C, friends. (Because goodness knows, the rug got pulled out from under Plan A & Plan B weeks ago). 

As business owners, we are often faced with the challenge of creating something amazing out of the impossible.

That is true now more than ever.

I am here with you, in the trenches, keeping my small business afloat during the COVID-19 crisis,

And I want you to know: You are not alone. 

I've opened up 10 spots for 30-minute business coaching & brainstorming sessions with me at a 75% off discounted rate of only $50. 

Why so low cost? Because now, more than ever, we need to stick together.

We'll focus on overcoming the issues you're having right now. Whether that's:

✨ Implementing new revenue streams

✨ Adjusting your marketing strategy

✨ Replacing your fears with a plan

Or something else, I'll help you put a plan in place for moving forward. You don't have to do it alone, I'm here to help you during this time of uncertainty. ❤️

Sending you all the love, light & virtual hugs in the world. We will get through this beautiful friend.

Be well. ❤️