Come Back to Yourself


Come Back to Yourself is a new monthly program focusing on reconnecting to you. We all have experiences that have resulted in us disconnecting from ourselves. Whether through childhood trauma, finding your worth outside of yourself or navigating a heavy transition, you may find yourself feeling lost, stuck or seeking clarity on what your life’s purpose and path is.

Through a monthly healing session and classes, you’ll find yourself standing with open arms ready to welcome yourself back home

What’s Included:

1. Choose one each month - or let me intuitively guide you:

  • 90min Reiki + 30min Coaching ($255 value)
  • Emotional Release Session - 60min ($250 value)
  • Releasing Limiting Beliefs - 60min ($250 value)
  • Strengths Coaching Session - 90min ($250 value)
  • Coaching Session - 60min ($250 value)
2. Attend a class, workshop or meditation each month:
    • September - Healing Through Shadow Work ($55 value)
    • October - Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts ($33 value)
    • November - Ocean of Holy Love Meditation ($22 value)
    • December - Beginners Guide to Smudging (free palo) ($22 value)
    • January - Chakras & Crystals ($33 value)
    • February - Angel Healing Clinic Meditation ($22 value)
    3. 10% discount for any added service
      • Need another reiki session? Wanting some extra time together in a coaching session? Get 10% off any added service! 

      $277 / month 
      $1555 for 6 months (paid up front - savings of $107)

      - SOLD OUT -

      At this time, I am not taking any new clients until March 2022.
      If you'd like to get on my waiting list, you can sign up here:

      (Monthly sessions and classes will not be rolled over and must be used each month)