All In Masterminds

What exactly is AIM (All In Masterminds)?

AIM is a masterminds group created by me! After working with & coaching many women entrepreneurs, the one thing I heard over and over again was how incredibly lonely entrepreneurship can be. Your family doesn't get it, your friends think "you're so lucky because you make millions and your own schedule" (insert eyeroll here amiright? ;)), even your spouse looks at you during one of your breakdowns like you're an alien from outer space. 

What AIM does is connect you with other local women entrepreneurs who get it. All In Masterminds is a commited, trust network of women with an "all in" mentality constantly aiming higher and helping each other grow & develop, personally and professionally. My goal with this group is to help you feel less alone all while growing yourself and your business.

Our Core Values & Mission Statement

We are Authentic and have open, honest and purposeful dialogue.

We are Committed to our growth, personally and professionally, and to each other.

We are Servant Leaders who help grow and develop those in our group, business and community.

We are a commited, trust network of women with an “all in” mentality constantly aiming higher and helping each other grow & develop, personally and professionally.

How is AIM different?

Trust me when I say I have been a part of a LOT of groups. From referrals to masterminds to networking. I have seen it all in my 12 years of business. I've seen what works and I've seen what causes groups like this to fail. 

First, let's address what I've seen that works well:

  1. A group of all women entrepreneurs - with this masterminds being solely focused on women entrepreneurs it allows us to be open, honest and vulnerable about what our struggles are. Nothing against the guys, but this level of deep conversation just doesn't happen with male counterparts in the room. Also, entrepreneurs just think differently than the rest of the world. We're wired differently, plain and simple and we need to be surrounded by the people who get us and our unique mentality.

  2. Accountability - when you are your own boss, no one is really keeping you accountable to accomplishing what you actually want, right? This group is your accountability system! Each week we'll announce what our goals are for the week, set up rewards / consequences if we don't reach them and have a midweek goal check-in to make sure we're actually accomplishing the goals we've declared. 

  3. In-person Meetups - There are plenty of masterminds groups that connect you with people all around the world. AIM, however, is different. We connect with local women and meet in-person each week! This allows you to connect on an even deeper level when you can have face-to-face conversations, hug one another and be in each other's energy. (Because of COVID - we will be meeting at my office space - if you are uncomfortable with meeting in person at this time, a zoom link will be shared)

  4. Expectations - when expectations are discussed within the group, and written down and verbalized often, it keeps everyone on the same page moving forward and committed to the group. Below, you'll find the expectations agreement for AIM. 

Now for the not so good that I know will be drastically different in this group:

  1. Commitment - Time and time again this is why groups like this fail. The commitment level isn't the same for everyone. If you've been a part of a networking or referrals group like this in the past, I'm sure you've experienced this. That's why there is an application process and why the price of the masterminds can feel like a stretch. We want to make sure you are just as committed to this group as your fellow members. You are spending an hour (probably an hour and a half with travel) each week dedicating yourself to this group and each other. Commitment is the key to success. 

  2. The group gets stagnant - Groups get stagnant when you get to know everyone in the group so much that you can predict what they are going to say. You know what I'm talking about! To combat this, each year in January, AIM will re-open for applications and the possibility of new groups will be discussed & considered.

Meeting Outline

  • Mission Statement & Announcements (5min) 

  • Gratitude, Who I'd like to serve this week, Goal declaration (25min) - each member is given 4 minutes to share their gratitude & thank yous, announce who they'd like to serve that week and what their goals are between now and the next time we meet

  • Hot Seat (25min) - Each week, one member will have 25 minutes to give a detailed back story on themself & their business, talk about an area where they are needing help or are struggling with, talk about a goal they have for the next 90 days that they'd like some ideas and brainstorming help with or they can share a new idea they need help strategizing. 

  • Mission Statement & Closing (5min) 

Pricing & Group Availability

For 2021, AIM will be limited to 6 members (with me as a member and leading the group) and then will close for one year. After a year, the group will reopen and the possibility of opening more groups will be discussed. 

Masterminds cost:
$200/month or
Pay $2000 for the year upfront and get 2 months free!

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