RISE - Women's Circle

The moment is here, dear one, to align and understand ourselves, our soul and the deep inner wisdom within us.

Circle is about transformation. When we share in circle, we participate in an empowering experience of sharing and releasing as a way to be witnessed and honored in our experience.

Women have gathered in circle since the beginning of time, to support, embrace and inspire each other. Come and receive the magic, medicine and healing of circle.

What You'll Experience

Sacred Community

A safe, sacred container for healing, connection, loving community and to simply be with your fellow soul sisters.

Healing Ceremonies

Release and let go of what no longer serves you through healing ceremonies that honor your soul, womb and natural cycle.

Divine Creativity

Tap into your sacral energy and get your divine creativity flowing through art, moving meditations, exploration and more!

RISE - Women's Circle



As one of us Awakens and Rises, it makes it easier for another to follow her lead.

In sisterhood we are stronger.

Be together.

Feel together.

Heal together.

RISE together.