CliftonStrengths Team Coaching


I’m honored you are interested in trusting me to help you build & maintain your incredible team!

*Photo by Lisa Aust of Chelsea coaching with The Event Company team

What if you could uniquely motivate each of your employees and help them work better together as a team?

What if simply by grasping your team’s strengths, you could implement new ways to communicate, work together, and have: 

  • 14-29% increased profit,
  • 10-19% increased sales, and
  • 3-7% higher customer engagement?

    Sounds amazing right!?

    These are the exact things you’ll learn during CliftonStrengths coaching with me!

    I personally use CliftonStrengths in my own almost million-dollar brick-and-mortar business. It is the foundation for our 20-30% growth year over year, not to mention the backbone for how we hire, communicate as a team, and encourage and support one another. 

    It’s pretty straightforward:

    When you get the best of your people, you get the best of your business!

    That’s why I coach women entrepreneurs with small teams on how to understand, communicate, and motivate each other's strengths so their businesses can thrive.

    CliftonStrengths isn't just another assessment that never really leads to anything. By taking your results and creating a strengths-based workplace, you will boost employee performance, morale, and confidence, all while drastically changing your business for the better in the process.

    Talk about a competitive advantage!

    Let’s talk about how you can start building a strengths-based culture within your business today! Click the button below to get started.