"stop your wine-ing" - Alcohol Alternative
"stop your wine-ing" - Alcohol Alternative

"stop your wine-ing" - Alcohol Alternative

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Stop Your Wine-ing, is an alcohol alternative. Rich in anxiety-reducing herbs and great for the gut, this blend is reminiscent of your favorite red wine, without the hangover and sugar. We're team bliss > booze. 

Note: this blend features herbs that are not safe for pregnancy. 

WHAT IT DOES: This blend is intended to address chronic, mild anxiety and calm the chest tightening and feeling of being frazzled from stress. The functional herbs in Stop Your Wine-ing, while powerful, aren't sedative in small doses, so you can use this blend any time of day to take the edge off. Stop Your Wine-ing provides calm vibes and supports anxiety reduction in the moment (versus the adaptogenic herbs in Chill The F* Out that work best when used overtime to train the body’s stress response system).

WHAT’S IN IT: This blend is loaded with Aronia and Acai berries, which contain the same heart-healthy polyphenols as red wine, but have an antioxidant concentration 10 times higher, and contain about 10-30 times the amount of anthocyanins. Jujube Date is also loaded with antioxidants, while packing a mean Vitamin C punch to support the immune system. Jujube dates have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries to lift the mood, address anxiety, and support restful sleep. Motherwort is a powerful nervine that soothes the nervous system to address anxiety and calm the mind. MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) is derived from coconut oil, and is a healthy fat that nourishes a frayed nervous system, supports hormone regulation, aids digestion, and boosts the metabolism.

TASTE LIKE: The antioxidant-rich berries and Jujube date provide a little natural sweetness, while Motherwort provides some bitter notes, reminiscent of wine’s complexity of flavors.

HOW TO ENJOY: This is a versatile blend that can be enjoyed in a base of warm milk (dairy or plant based) with a little maple syrup to create a cozy elixir. It also pairs well with cranberry and tart cherry juice, if you want to make a mocktail that is similar to wine.

INGREDIENTS: motherwort, jujube date, aronia berry, acai berry, MCT oil

Made in America
Woman owned company
Vegan - Gluten Free - Soy Free - Cruelty Free